My apologies for the silence here recently. Non-digital related stuff has been taking up all my free time and I’ve not been able to compose anything worthy of release to the web. The most interesting thing, from my rather biased p.o.v. is the release of the iPhone 4. Because I have one. I’m enjoying it very much and have experienced none of the trouble that has been so widely reported. The onscreen keyboard is easier and faster to use than my experience of the Android equivalent, thought I expect that is due to my having an 18 month old G1 rather than a flaw in Android. If anyone can tell me differently, please do.

Of course, there was a practical reason for my purchase, as well as simple indulgence. I’m co-ordinating a few app development projects at work and am very excited. Having an iPhone just means I get to play with what we produce, and allows market research.


~ by kymethra on June 30, 2010.

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